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Hip replacement is one of the most successful procedures in all of medicine. The expert team of physical therapists at Praxis Physical Therapy provide physical therapy after hip replacement surgery for residents of Vernon Hills, Illinois, and the surrounding communities. If you or a loved one needs physical therapy after hip replacement, call the office or book an appointment online today. 

Hip Replacement Q & A

What is a hip replacement?

The hip is one of the largest joints in your body. It’s a ball-and-socket joint where the ball at the top of your thigh bone connects with the socket on your pelvis. 

Also called hip arthroplasty, hip replacement is a surgical procedure where your orthopedic surgeon removes damaged parts of your hip joint and replaces them with artificial components. The artificial joint relieves hip pain and improves mobility in your hip and leg. 

During hip replacement, your surgeon replaces the damaged head of your thigh bone with a metal or ceramic ball and resurfaces the socket with hard plastic. This provides smooth movement without pain. 

Why would I need hip replacement surgery?

The decision to get a hip replacement should involve a cooperative discussion between you, your family, your primary care physician, and your orthopedic surgeon. There are many reasons people choose to get a hip replacement, including:

  • Persistent hip pain that limits daily activities like walking
  • Decreased mobility that prevents you from moving or lifting your leg
  • Inadequate relief from nonsurgical treatments, such as physical therapy

Arthritis is the most common cause of hip pain and decreased mobility. Most people who receive hip replacement surgery are 50-80 years old, but the procedure has been successful for people of all ages. 

What can I expect from physical therapy after hip replacement surgery?

After hip replacement surgery, your surgeon provides you with information on ways to facilitate an easy recovery at home. They will also likely recommend starting physical therapy at Praxis Physical Therapy. The practice offers:

  • Resistance equipment
  • Stairclimbers
  • Treadmills
  • Biodex® machines
  • Schwinn® AirDyne bikes
  • Blood flow restriction training
  • Free weights
  • Assisted stretching
  • Exercise bands

Praxis Physical Therapy provides innovative and state-of-the-art equipment and treatments to restore hip function and structure after hip replacement surgery. 

You might meet with a therapist several times a week, weekly, or as needed to enhance healing, strength, function, range of motion, and quality of life. They tailor each treatment to your personalized needs.

To learn more about physical therapy after hip replacement surgery, call Praxis Physical Therapy or book an appointment online today