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When you trace the root of the word praxis, you find its source in a Greek word meaning doing or action. This is appropriate in several ways - first, the Greeks were the first to practice medicine as a therapeutic science; and second, our strong belief that an active life is the best one, strengthening the body and mind, better realizing personal potential, and making the pursuit of happiness a more rewarding endeavor. Praxis Physical Therapy & Human Performance exists to support and extend the active life.

We provide both physical therapy and human performance practices, and are committed to providing one-on-one care, consistently, over the course of treatment and counseling. Praxis understands that your relationship with your therapist is of utmost importance, which is why at Praxis that relationship is consistent and ongoing- there is no 'bouncing' from one staff member to another, and your therapist is always an experienced, licensed, and degreed practitioner.

Our physical therapy practice focuses on sports-specific rehabilitation, the general population, Medicare patients, pre- and post-operative orthopedics, and workers' compensation cases. We work with everyone from soccer moms to gym rats, from weekend warriors to professional athletes- and all receive the same attentive, caring, personal attention from our experienced and accredited staff.  

Our human performance practice helps our competitive clients realize their goals in the sports and activities that are a major focus in their lives. We leverage our knowledge to help you become stronger, faster, and more agile in ways that support your specific athletic pursuits.  

  What's Happening
Specialty Physical Therapy for Incontinence
The majority of people with incontinence can overcome it safely and effectively without surgery or drug therapy. Success rates with this program are greater than 80%! Appreciable results within 2-3 weeks, significant restoration of control in 4-6 weeks. In most cases, treatments are covered by Medicare and major insurers.

  Human Performance
Praxis Human Performance Evaluations
For your sports-crazy friend or family member, a gift certificate for a Praxis Human Performance Evaluation is a unique, useful, and sure to be remembered gift. At $195, it's also a great value.

Evaluations help prepare the athlete for success - in baseball, softball, biking, tennis, long distance running, golf, and more!

A complete performance evaluation is a one-on-one session with a licensed physical therapist that includes assessment of posture, flexibility, strength, movement ability, and body balance; as well as development of a personalized program for home implementation. Click here to e-mail or call 847-247-7200 for more information.

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